Decision making tool based on business modeling


The people at Modex believe that the combination of (big) data and business analytics and software engineering provides managers with tools to make better business decisions. We are confident that businesses can systematically optimize performance by making decisions based on data and business models.

We do business modeling because this instrument enables to analyze complex and uncertain situations, simulate a large number of options for business development for different input conditions. It may show possible outcomes of a taken business decision. It allows making mistakes «on paper» and choosing the right strategy for business development.

We are confident that business can improve its financial performance drastically by using our models and I.T. tools that
we provide for better decision making

The driving force of Modex is a team of people who love what they do

Modex founders have experience both in academia and practice. Each of them contributes significantly to a science in such disciplines as econometrics, financial economics, risk management, machine learning, data science, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and business analytics. To know more details about the team press the link.

A unique approach to each client

We commit to improve the client’s performance and for this purpose we study the position and environment of the business of all our clients. We analyze the company exact situation and simulate potential implications from different decisions. We help with creating business models and implementing them, and also with negotiations related to procurement, sales, mergers and acquisitions.

The combination of our competences ensure synergy with the client

Modex is a unique combination of experience and skills in (big) data and business analytics and software engineering. These resources give us the opportunity to accomplish the most ambitious goals. By applying data and business analytics, market research, modeling, scenario analysis and with the support of IT tools, we are able to develop the potential of each company and to find the optimal way to optimize business decisions.

Seek the opportunities and pursue the goals through business modeling

Our competences

We frame the strategy development and create operating model in accordance to the market needs.

We can help you to find a partner for investments, to prepare project teaser for investor.

Business modeling

We create efficient tool
to implement business model setting up.

Software engineering

We estimate current status of the company, identify factors and find opportunities for optimization.

We help to accomplish business value assessment or investment project.

Business, finance and IT-consulting

We define, assess and monitor influential risks.

Structure price fall hedging scheme, foreign exchange risk management model set up are among our services.

Risk management

We organize staff learnings in order to improve corporate performance.

Business education


In order to achieve best possible result, we implement different approaches, including descriptive, predicative and prescriptive data processing methods, big data analytics and machine learning combined with IT systems.


We maintain the service of the model by IT systems at all levels of analysis’, conduct trainings for clients and ongoing consulting on implementation and support of the built model

optimization of the company

We create a business development model by implementing obtained information, algorithms, business rules and machine learning. We conduct factor analysis, frame the strategy and moderate it in order to improve the client financial profitability

forecasting and modelling

We provide insights on the prospects for preserving and changing of the market dynamics. We use predictive analytics with combination of applied statistics, algorithmic approach, machine learning and modeling

a historical data collection, its filtering, description and review

We specify the request, analyze current company situation and its retrospective by using data base, reporting system and statistical analysis methods