Business modeling enables to analyze data faster, assess risks better,
make data-driven decisions and to develop a company even in periods
of market stress


Uncertainty of specific factors is the most braking thing in business development. We live in an era of big data, and financial modeling enables to analyze incoming information faster in order to evaluate business options and opportunities. Business analytics is a competitive necessity for a company.

Our aim, as a team of competent financial analytics, software engineers and data scientists, is to help your company to develop. We have solid experience in doing business, profound academic and subtle knowledge of financial, service and commodity market laws.

Key steps for analytics-based decision making

1. Set the objectives and goals

Establish a client’s request, analyze of current position and possible alternatives

2. Formulate assumptions

Define variable models on framed goals, verify it with empirical data

3. Model the resolution and
variables selection

Analyze prospects of market dynamics using the predicative analytics, applied statistics, algorithmic approach, machine learning and modeling

4. Compile and analyze the data

Collect and assess data from database, accounting system, and implement statistic and spatial analysis

5. Model analysis, performance optimization
and define the company strategy

Create step-by-step actions instruction based on a statistical model in order to meet the objectives

6. Present to a client and
optimal solution choose

Present a solution based on modeling data to a decision makers and stakeholders for them to make an action.

7. IT system engineering

Enterprise information system (EIS) construction, integration it either into DSS, OLAP or ERP, alternatively, to deploy system at a client’s resources

8. Model support and machine learning

Ongoing consulting and trainings on issues relating to implementation and support of the system