Data Analyst vacancy

Modex is a European company with offices in Netherlands and Ukraine led by experienced executive extends its center for innovation and software product development in Kiev. We are focused on applied artificial intelligence and statistical modeling for real business needs.

We are a fast-growing energetic software-centric company whose mission is to bring clients in control of their futures. Our team with a mix of outstanding data science, finance, software and analytical skills, makes us the top choice for clients. We have an experienced, international management team that has a strong reputation and track record to make sure we meet our client expectations. We are passionate about what we do; our environment is energetic and fun, and we constantly innovate to have our clients to get the best from engaging with us.

If you are looking for professional growth, learning new, we may be your choice. Contact our representative with a short bio and description of your goals and experience – we are looking for a talented, motivated and energetic Data Analyst who wants to share our vision, and help us deliver to the clients worldwide, as well as grow professionally.

What you should know and have:

• 2+ years of experience in Data Analysis;
• Experience working with data from SQL-like data sources
• Experience in programming languages (any of Python/R/Julia/Go/Matlab/Java/C/C++/Fortran) for data analytics;
• Statistical methods and their application to business problems;
• Strong communication skills;
• Strong technical writing skills.

It is great if you are a bit aware of:

• NoSQL tools and frameworks;
• Domain expertise in Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Retail, or Public Sector;
• Distributed computing and parallel execution concepts;
• Cloud computing concepts;
• Good written and spoken English.

About the product:

We are very excited and proud to build innovative solutions, with the purpose to let business executives and their teams make better decisions about their future.
The complexity of modern business environments is not just an ever growing competition but a growing number of uncertainties which cannot be just ignored. The mission of our solutions is to put managers in control of these uncertainties by applying methods and tools that earlier were only available to scientists.
The problems that we are solving are non-trivial so using modern approaches and technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data is a necessity not a fashionable pursuit. If you are familiar with any of these technologies or committed to learning them well – come to talk to us about joining our fine team!

What you will do:

• Extend your area of expertise with cutting-edge data science technologies and frameworks;
• The data analyst will be responsible for importing, transforming, validating or modeling data;
• Designing and developing relational databases for collecting data;
• Data analyst work with large amounts of data: facts, figures, and hypotheses;
• Interact directly with the company executives on product and solution design;
• Participate in design and implementation of Cloud-based products and solutions;
• Active participation in development process activities.

What you get:

• Good financial reward and recognition for your contributions;
• Contemporary tools and effective equipment;
• The friendliest team that you’ve ever seen;
• No formal dress code;
• Flexible working hours;
• Option to work remotely when appropriate.