A powerful model provides tremendous insight
into the inner workings of a business.

What we do

Modex specializes in consulting and business modeling. We help to identify business weaknesses and evaluate opportunities. Working with your data, we increase transparency of the management and forecast its results.

Financial modeling has few heavy advantages over intuition and crystal ball guessing: it works on your data and shows your potential, considering certain parameters and specifics of the business and market. It gives you the ability to analyze and manage multiple scenarios.

Models are easy for users to visualize, understand, operate, update, and produce reports, which will be represented in dashboards. Modeling results are easy to use and audit, electronically and on paper.

Doing modeling, we help businesses to validate and improve the valuation analysis and make more informed decisions. We use our business experience to produce figures, schedules with accuracy one can trust.
Banking and Financial
Energy, Agricultural (production, distribution and trading) companies
Asset and Wealth
management firms
Academic institutions
Retail (online and networks) companies
Mobile operators and many others