A powerful model provides tremendous insight into the inner workings of a business


Modex specializes in consulting and business modeling.

We provide proxy services and create a customized tool to help our clients make better and timelier business decisions.

We help to identify business weaknesses and evaluate opportunities. Working with your data, we increase transparency of the management and forecast its results.

Financial modeling has few heavy advantages over intuition and crystal ball guessing: it works on your data and shows your potential, considering certain parameters and specifics of the business and market.

It gives you the ability to analyze and manage multiple scenarios.

Doing modeling, we help businesses to validate and improve the valuation analysis and make more informed decisions. We use our business experience in analytics, machine learning and NLP to produce figures, schedules with accuracy one can trust

Business modeling enables to find the most efficient ways to dispose the assets.

To create an investment portfolio, to establish an investment account, to find a broker or to teach trading online in equity market

Asset and Wealth management

Big data analytics enables to assess risks with number of variables in agribusiness


Business modeling provide accurate finance data programming based on various market forces

Fuel and energy complex

Financial modeling provides the ability to analyze customer journey and to make a prognostic sales analysis for online retail business and networks


Business modeling helps to monitor price trend in volatile commodity market, build an optimal price model or forecasting stock price model

Stock market trade

Prognostic analysis in combination with clearly defined objectives will enable to increase an income and reduce the costs


Market players can highlight vectors of development based on econometric model and to create pricing model for company’s products and services


Implementation of business models will help to predict the amount of connections and financial results dynamics


We carry out training sessions for staff in order to increase
performance of the company

Academic institutions