Commodity price surveys

How can survey data help commodity traders to manage positions and risks? 


Since October 2019​

we run surveys where we ask commodity traders their expectations about the prices for corn, soybean meal, and wheat. Weekly we ask them what they think the price will be after one week and what the price can be maximally and minimally. What makes this data unique is that it shows expectations and uncertainty among traders, which can be used for trading, price outlooks, and research. 

Weekly we publish a price sentiment report​ price sentiment report using the survey data.

Figure 1 shows the price development of soybean meal from October 2019 until March 2022. Figure 2 shows trader’s sentiment. The upper part reflects whether traders expect bull or bear markets and the power of those expectations. Below, the figure shows the sentiment for the following week. In this example, sentiment was strongly positive in February and March 2022.

This data gives you information about what other market participants expect and it may help you in judging your positions in commodity markets. 

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