The goal of data and business analytics is to answer forward looking business questions with data. Our experience is that managers have ideas and have questions that they like to answer with data, but that they don’t know how to start. This is where our business development team comes in.

The people in our business development team have dealt with this many times. We have learned that the best way to engage with a client is through a discovery phase project. The idea is that we help to turn the idea into something tangible. Typically, we think with you about the business questions, we analyse the data, build prototypes to align our thoughts, and deliver a roadmap that shows how the idea can become data driven reality.

The business development team is supervised by an industry expert. That expert is familiar with challenges that the companies within an industry face.  We have experts who applied data analytics in industries such as airlines, automotive, banking and finance, commodities, currencies, energy, health care, legal, investing, retail, and trading.

The discovery phase project helps you to start with data analytics. It’s a limited time project and for fixed costs. No big budgets are needed.

If you are interested, we’re ready to help you. Email us and let’s discuss what you need.