commodity trading with survey data
Traders have views about current and future market conditions. Those views cannot be obtained from studying historical data only. Our vision is that data about trader views helps to make better decisions in commodity markets.
Since October 2019, Modex surveys commodity traders. Weekly we invite those traders to provide their views about what the price level and uncertainty will be of three agricultural commodities after one week.

Our white paper shows that this survey data contains information that is valuable for commodity traders. First, we show how to convert this data into a reliable measure for price risk. Second, we show how we derive trading signals from the survey data. Those signals are then used to confirm signals from trend models and to build a profitable trading strategy upon.

Whether your company relies on data for trading, for risk management, or for having a price outlook, our survey data contains relevant and unique information. As our mission is to provide this data to companies that follow international commodity markets, we now offer this data to clients.
Just let us know when you are somehow interested to either discuss our methodology and data, or to follow us for a while, or to purchase our data.

Testimonial from our launching client

Since the fall of 2019, we use the survey data from Modex to gain more information about the markets we are active in. Before using this, we did not quantify the views of traders. Now that we use Modex data, we have a structural way of getting insights into trader expectations. We use this information in our decision making. The simple fact of having more and better information than others adds value to our trading decisions.

Daan Vriens, CEO Cefetra.

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