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Dear guests!

We are pleased to welcome you on behalf of the Modex team! We founded this company in summer 2016, because we believe that modeling enables businesses to improve their financial results. We have found a way to provide business with a reliable and flexible decision-making tool, based on the synergy of our competencies in analytics, risk management and IT.

Getting a lot of analytical requests from the business community, we decided to combine our experience and created a comprehensive tool to make quality management decisions.

Since the founding, Modex goal is to provide the opportunities for leaders and business owners for more efficient company management, using analytics and business modeling tools.

Modex creates business models using a wide range of methods for processing and analysis of information, big data and machine learning in combination with IT tools. More details here.

We rely on the vast experience in theoretical and practical areas of business – economics, finance, risk management, machine learning, software development, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and business analytics. We have experience for than 20 years in IT and data analysis, as well as in consulting – more than 9 years.

We are proud to be able to put a unique team of professionals that allows us to provide services at the highest level. To learn more about our team click here.

Sincerely yours,

Ronald Huisman, Yevhen Pentsak, Konstyantyn Grygoryev.