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Data analytics is a journey.
We put you on track.
And travel with you to that point where
your ideas become data driven reality.
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At Modex teams of industry experts work together with teams of data scientist and data managers. This enables us to understand the challenges that industries face and how data analytics can tackle those challenges. We use this approach for each industry that we work in.


Typically, we start with the development phase. Our business development team discovers with clients what they need. They do so by discussions with management, followed by the creation of prototypes and digital twins, and an analysis of existing data. The team produces a roadmap that shows how the client’s ideas can become data driven reality.



We have a top notch data science and data management team. They are experienced in developing data infrastructures that enable decision making using real time data from different sources. We only settle for fast and reliable. Our data scientist apply machine learning, AI, and whatever it takes to make the best predictions. From a roadmap to data driven reality.


Modex Analytics was founded in 2016 by three partners who found themselves on a crossroad in their practical and academic careers in data analytics. The motivation for Modex Analytics was the observation that many enterprises have ideas about data analytics but do not unlock their data analytics potential. Modex Analytics wants to help those enterprises to turn ideas into data driven reality.

During the past six years we have worked on many projects in several countries applied in various industries: operation and monitoring of renewable energy, enabling execution and back testing of financial trading strategies in real time, optimizing the infrastructure of import and export companies, and improving living conditions within homes for the elderly. By doing so, Modex Analytics has built an international team of data analytics experts and developers.

Regularly, we use our experience to think with the client about what they can improve with data analytics. We then make it happen by designing and developing the data infrastructure, apply data science, build prediction tools, and host the software when needed. To facilitate this Modex Analytics has built platforms such as QuantFlow wherein in massive volumes of data can be processed in real time.

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