We help you to transform an idea into something that works for your organisation. To make a start. To understand where you are headed. Using demo versions, visualisations, and business estimates. At the end of this track you have a clear view of the potential and a road map for implementation.

Our data scientists bring your ideas to reality. Data management, machine learning, AI: we apply the knowledge needed to enable data analytics for your organisation. Our team offers its services as stand alone projects, data analytics as a service, and data science consultancy.

We host data solutions for our clients. Our team makes sure that your solution is securely up and running. We have experience with hosting for real time trading strategies, smart archives, retail shop locations and more.


we work project base, as a service provider, and as a consultant

stand alone projects

Our kick start projects help you to start with data analytics. It's a great way to discover the potential of data analytics for your company. Besides the kick starts, we take on full blown projects focusing on data management or developing models and algorithms for instance.

data analytics as a service

We can host your data solution using our top notch data infrastructure. Our data analytics platform is capable to operate trading strategies in real time covering many financial markets.

data analytics consultancy

We advice companies on data analytics. We coach CEO's to understand the potential of data analytics. We advice on a practical level on data management and model and algorithms. But we also frequently organize courses on data analytics for our clients.


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