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modex opinions

A service that measures market sentiment

As a trader, the sentiment in your market is a key piece of information.

Modex Opinions doesn’t supply you with just sentiment about the market, but also about uncertainty and disagreement.

That’s what makes Modex Opinions special.



Based on research by Dr Ronald Huisman, this academic method uses survey data from a pool of commodity traders to give us insight into their sentiment, disagreement and uncertainty.

Service Delivered

The service we provide is a weekly report, based on the data collected from commodity traders. In this report, the trader’s sentiment, disagreement, and uncertainty are made visible in charts.


Having more information than other traders, is the key reason to start using Modex Opinions. The product enables you to be one step ahead of the competition.

  • More information on market volatility
  • Insight into other traders’ sentiment
  • A new approach with validated evidence
  • Not only insight in sentiment, but also disagreement and uncertainty.


“ Since the fall of 2019, we are using Modex Opinions to gain more information about the markets we are active in. Before using Modex Opinions, we didn’t quantify the views of our traders. Now that we use Modex Opinions, we have a structural way of getting insights into our trader expectations, which we use in our decision making. The simple fact of having more and better information than others adds value to our trading decisions “
Daan Vriens, Cefetra

For a one to one zoom meeting with Ronald, please get in touch.