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turn ideas into data driven reality

Managers want big data in their organisation. "We should be more data driven. Something more than just dashboards." But it is a challenge to make a start. We are Modex and we help you to become more data driven. We have the experience to bring data ideas to a start and then to actual implementation: turn ideas into data driven reality.

Survey data predict changes in commodity prices

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Data analytics makes renewable energy flexible

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Flip the pyramid: data analytics is not just another IT project

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Modex Ideas

Our experienced partners work with you to transform an idea into something that works for your organisation. To understand where you are headed. Using demo versions, visualisations, and costs estimates. At the end of this track you have a clear view of the potential and a road map for implementation.

Modex Reality

Our data science team brings ideas into reality. Data management, machine learning, AI: we apply the knowledge needed to enable data analytics for your organisation. Our team is ready to help you and offers its services as stand alone projects, data analytics as a service, and data science consultancy.