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analytics in finance

Trading in today’s financial markets requires processing huge packages of high-frequency data such as prices, volumes, and news. Not only to evaluate positions in real time, but also to back test strategies with historical data. However, systems and technologies were never designed for data processing on this scale. This results in complex and fragile applications that are increasingly challenging to build, operate, and scale. The typical framework with batches of data collected once per day and processed over-night simply does not allow for real-time analysis or efficient back testing.

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Given our background in trading and investing we know that managing, processing, and storing data and news is a basic need in today’s financial markets. For this, one needs specialised data analytics platforms. The QuantFlow platform is our solution to process high-frequency financial data efficiently. It enables trading and risk models to run on real-time data and react on news. Without this positions cannot be accurately monitored and risks cannot be dealt with on time. Furthermore, the QuantFlow platform enables fast back testing of strategies as quick and efficient analysis of trading ideas is key in fast-changing financial markets.

QuantFlow helps institutional investors, hedge funds, traders, brokers, and market makers trading in financial, forex, crypto, commodity, and energy markets.

QuantFlow is powered by open source technologies applied by companies such as Twitter and Yahoo! and developed and maintained by our team of key architects for such technologies and analysts with experience in trading in investing.

We offer the QuantFlow platform to clients in two ways. One is that we implement QuantFlow within the local or cloud-based IT infrastructure of the client. The other is that we offer QuantFlow as a service where we operate QuantFlow from our systems and provide clients with reports of positions, risk measures, news feeds, and a back testing engine.

analytics in finance

analytics in finance